Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Interdisciplinarity and the New University

'From Greece and Barcelona, to the United States and the United Kingdom, to Puerto Rico and beyond, students have been showing their dissatisfaction with educational institutions around the globe through occupations, non-violent protests, and sit-ins, recalling an earlier era of student unrest. Although students in these locations often protest conditions specific to their own situations, many also recognize the interconnectedness of these struggles against an increasingly homogenized global educational system, one which places profit over intellectual pursuit and privatization over student satisfaction.'
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The neoliberalization of the Greek University (in Greek)

by Nikos Theotokas

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Videos from our workshop (finally!)

Susan Robertson: The business of universities: four tendencies in the transformation of the higher education sector

Mark Fisher: Eliminating business ontology from the university

Discussion (1)

John Holmwood: Disciplines, interdiciplinarity and the neoliberal university

Harriet Bradley: What is to be done: unions, collectivism and resistance to neoliberalism

Discussion (2)